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MY first inspiration started with a father who set an unintentional idea in my mind that a real man had a PHYSICAL PRESENCE.

Once I got to the right age, the core values surrounding nutrition and fitness set in me began to take effect. I succeeded as a wrestler for 4 years in high school with tremendous help from my dedication to tracking food and lifting weights. However, I lost track after schooling and my vision vanished. Drugs, alcohol, partying and bingeing became the focal point of my activities which led to weight gain and depressed thoughts.

I give major credit to Wes Watson, Jordan Peterson and multiple books for helping me reignite the flame I once had. They helped me realize if you don’t have a specific goal that gives you a purpose, make YOUR purpose creating the absolute best version of yourself so you can gift that person to the people around you.

Through day in and day out application of non-negotiable, positive actions and thought habits, I am now more physically and mentally fit than I have been in my ENTIRE life.

I WILL help guide you so you can find that flame on your own and become that man or woman you admire in every way!

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